The manufacture

Quality starts with choosing the right materials and ends with carefully hand-packing our orders. Here at penumbra, we put a lot of love into every production step and keep a sharp eye on all the details to achieve results that speak for themselves.

Unique HAndcraft

From choosing the right material up to the finished product - Everything from one source

sustainable& fair production

100% Handcraft from Austria. A good choice, for you and for us.

Outstanding products are made from excellent material

Here at penumbra, only the best materials are used. We're always looking for something special, to craft products that inspire.
We want to know where our raw materials are sourced. Hence, we stay in good contact with our suppliers because only the best starting material makes for products that will accompany you for a long time.

Quality you can see and feel

From cutting the raw materials to the finished package - every production step takes place in our own workshop. We believe in manual labor instead of industrial mass production; therefore, we produce on a small scale, but with loads of passion.
We love to create unique products that will accompany you for a long time.

a glimpse into our world

The Manufacture

Everything started with a vision...

Everything started with a vision of designs that weren't available in the way I wanted. Therefore, I decided to take care of that myself. Being a trained seamstress with a technical background gave me the knowledge to develop and create the first few designs. So I made them, quite selfish to be honest, for my own bedroom.
It didn't stay that way for long. I discovered that I hadn't been the only one looking for products with that certain something. Hence, I founded penumbra in February 2014 with the idea of creating high-quality BDSM products and give an alternative to well-known mass products. Back then, everything had been small scale, the first workshop a room of my former apartment, and the first products ordered by friends and acquaintances.
Given time, things started to change, and penumbra found its home in our terrific workshop in Graz in 2016. Here we have lots of space to experiment, create, and simply have fun doing what we love. The next big step came with 2021, when we moved the workshop to a small town in Burgenland, with a big house and even more possibilities to realize our ideas.
When I look back at our beginnings, it sometimes is hard to believe how much the former hobby project has grown, and I'm really looking forward to all the years to come. I'd like to thank all my friends, my wonderful, always supportive, family and the many little and big helpers that played their part in forming this company to what it is today.

Love, Lena

owner of penumbra

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We unite traditional techniques with loads of creativity to achieve unique products that inspire.

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