For some, it is a chic fashion accessory taken out of the drawer for special occasions. For some, it's a sign of devotion to another person. Others see it as an achievement, say they have received it over a long process, still others wear it permanently as a symbol of their position, and rumor has it that some people use it as a part of their session just for fun. Either way, a collar has a special meaning for its wearer and for the person who puts it on them. Whether you received it as a part of an elaborate ceremony or as an anniversary gift - collars inspire many people.

In this blog article, we want to share 5 stories with you about how people came to their collar and what it means to them.

My Dom and I have known each other for a long time. We have a strong D/s relationship, but only during playtime. In everyday life, we ​​are always on the same level. We often had the problem that it was difficult for us to enter a session or quit again afterward. Especially when you switch between play and everyday life, it is often not so easy because your head is not yet playing along. At some point, he had the idea to establish a sign to which certain conditions and rules are attached. We tried a bracelet at first, but it didn't really work. Eventually, we decided on a collar that I would wear during the session. Since then, it's been working much better! Most of the time, we get in the right mood just by putting it on, and taking it off is always a lovely end to a session.

I had made the decision to give my sub a collar for the anniversary of our relationship. I knew she would be happy about it, as we'd talked about it many times before. I also already knew what it had to look like. Timeless, classic, and my name had to be on the front to show that she belongs to me. To match the collar, I ordered cuffs for the arms and legs in the same design. On our anniversary, I blindfolded her and ordered her to stand still while I put the collar and cuffs on her. After that, I took her to a mirror, removed the blindfold, and presented her with the gift. She was so happy and touched that she had tears in her eyes.

I wear my collar every day. It is kept so straightforward and simple that I can wear it in everyday life without any problems, and it is hardly noticeable. But those who know recognize immediately what it is. My collar has a profound meaning to me. It was created for me by my master, who wanted to mark me as his property. Even if I wouldn't have needed the collar myself to feel that I belong to him, it has somehow become even more intense since then, and I wear it every day with pride!

My mistress had promised me that she would give me an extraordinary gift at the end of my training - a personal collar. The process took a few months, and I had to learn a lot. How to address her, how to stand, walk, sit, kneel so that she likes it, how I have to ask for something, and much much more. At some point, the time had come: I earned my collar! I will never forget the moment when she put it on me for the first time. We have been using it on special occasions ever since. For example, when we go to parties or public events, she'll put the collar on me.

I just wear my collar when I feel like it. I generally do what I want, and at some point, I felt like getting a nice collar. One that only belongs to me, so I just bought it for myself. Sometimes I wear it at home, and sometimes I go to scene-events wearing it. I feel good wearing it, and if I don't feel like it, I don't wear it. It was important to me that the collar fits me. I used to have a collar from the pet store, but I didn't really like it. Now I have one that only exists once, and it's so comfortable that sometimes I don't even want to take it off. The idea of ​​wearing a collar for someone else doesn't feel right to me.