Anyone who has followed us for some time probably knows that we have already tried to add paddles to our product range. At that time, however, they didn't make it into the shops because the quality of the wooden blanks didn't convince us.

But this time, everything is different.
We have found an excellent little manufactory in beautiful Burgenland that makes our paddles' blanks for us by hand. We were thrilled right from the start: they made all our wishes come true. Rounded edges and hand-sanded surfaces ensure that the paddles nestle comfortably in hand. The manual labor makes each paddle unique.
We have designed two paddle shapes and several standard engravings to offer you a large variety to choose from - but as always, we are entirely flexible and can fully cater to your wishes.

But now to the most important question: how do they feel?

Wood in itself is a great material. The paddles sit nicely in hand and, thanks to the firm shape, transfer the power very directly from the active person to the target.
The pain is dull and somehow stingy at the same time and can be dosed really well by the active person.

Of course, we also checked whether they were suitable to make the engraved pattern visible on the receiver's skin. We were a bit surprised ourselves by how well it worked with the larger engravings - but also found out that many factors play a role in whether and how well leaving a lasting impression works. For example, with very similar force applied, we received a really great imprint on the butt, but only a large red mark on the inside of the thigh. Unfortunately, the fine mandala engravings did not leave any legible patterns at any body part - we would have found that particularly chic. But maybe, someday, a customer will surprise us with the proof that these paddles also work as "stamps"?
Anyway: For a legible result, the place of impact, the correct dosage of power, and the skin's general texture seem to play a significant role. We are already looking forward to a lot of feedback from other test persons. 😉

Speaking of stamps: there is the option of double-sided engraving, whereby the paddle's back is engraved mirror-inverted. That means the active person can read the inscription correctly during use on the paddle as well as after use on the target area. Obviously, we weren't that clever yet when doing and testing the prototypes.

All in all, we are delighted with the result and thrilled to expand our product range with these wooden beauties.