It was a completely normal Friday. Lena and I were in the workshop, and like every Friday, we packed packages. Music was playing in the background. It was already dark outside - quite familiar at this time of year. On this Friday, there was an unusually large number of packages to pack, and while Lena was carefully preparing the individual orders, I took care of customs papers and shipping labels. I can't say why I became aware of this today, but at some point, I noticed that there were a relatively large number of female names among the recipients. Almost all of the items on the packing table that were ready for dispatch were also typically feminine designs. None of this was surprising or different from other days. Still, that day it made me think, specifically of the following: What would I - as a man and a top - like to buy from a small manufacture like penumbra. Not for my sub but for myself.

The answer was found just as quickly as the question occurred to me - bracelets. I've been wearing bracelets since I outgrew childhood. Mostly it had been leather wristbands, but sometimes other materials too. For me, a bracelet is a very personal design item that goes well with both a suit and a fetish outfit, and apart from that, I like to wear it.

It didn't take long from idea to prototype, and Ito keep in line with penumbra's style, the bracelets also had to have something special about them. Specifically, I had two designs in mind. On the one hand, a lettering which can be burned onto the bracelet and, on the other hand, the well-known BDSM triskelion in which the dots are lined in color. What would be more typical than a black leather bracelet backed with bright red? The prototype itself was a timeless classic, and I was oddly satisfied.

The future will show which new designs will arise, or which ideas interested customers will bring. Until then, I think it's nice to see how an idea becomes a product and how a product makes someone happy.