Before I can tell you how to win one of our new vegan collars, I have to talk about something else: the person who collaborated with me on this project.
Sebastian runs a very cool German podcast, called "Die Kunst der Unvernunft" (translates to: "The art of unreason"). I found this podcast when it was pretty new, and I've been hooked ever since.
In every episode, Sebastian talks with different guests about their way of doing BDSM in a very charming manner. It's perfect for everyone interested in different perspectives on BDSM (well, if you speak German that is) and a fun companion through one's day.

Sebastian and I have talked about a shared venture for a while, but so far, there had been no fitting project. Now, however, with the #vegancookclub and our new series of vegan collars, we finally found something to have fun with.

I sent Sebastian five collars, one of each new vegan collection we'll be putting online, and we found a fantastic way to raffle them. It's such a perfect match for the #penumbracookclub!

You might want to know how this works, right?

We'll create a KunstderUnvernunft-menu, and you're the ones that will provide us with the different courses.

Each of the collars has a course connected to it (find them at the end of the blog entry), and the way to win it is:

1.) choose the collar(s) you want to win. You can cook more than one course to have a better chance of winning
2.) cook something that matches your chosen course(s)
3.) snap a photo, upload it to Instagram or Twitter (or mail it to with the hashtag #küchenbdsm.

The contest ends on the 14th of October.


What sizes are the collars?
I'll make them so they'll fit your measurements, no worries :)

Can I cook more than one course?
Sure! If you want, you can cook the whole menu to heighten your chance of winning.

I really like one of the collars. Can I cook one course more than once?
Sure. Just don't cook the same thing twice ;)

I can't cook! Can I use a ready-made meal?
No, that would be cheating. Plus - if you win, we'd like to know your recipe, so we can publish it along with the other winners.

Can I bake something?
Sure. As long as it's homemade, everything is fine :)

What about grilling?
Perfectly fine!

Does the meal have to be vegan?