Some of you might have already guessed it - a while back, there had been some hints - with our new homepage finally starts the official blog of penumbra.
This has been planned for quite some time now, but we all know: Good things take time. And this project has been treated stepmotherly for way too long.

Now, it's finally done, and I have to admit, I'm a bit nervous! Whoever follows penumbra on our social media channels might have noticed that a.) I'm not very good at posting regular updates; and b.) I'm terribly bad with IT. How lucky that there are fantastic people that can help with the second problem! Plus - I'm pretty sure I'll find a suitable motivator to help with the first and occasionally remind me to write something.

Alright then, let's take a quick peek into the future: what will this blog be about?
Of course, I'll keep you updated about penumbra, make announcements, and tell you a bit about the company's philosophy and products. I'll also give you behind-the-scenes insights since this project is run by real people.

Additionally, we'll occasionally write about topics not concerning penumbra at all. I'm an active member of the BDSM scene for nine years now, and I got to meet so many lovely people during that time and learn so many new things.
I wish to give some of those positive experiences back and build a platform that openly informs about kink and BDSM. Hopefully, this will work with the support of many diligent friends who will share their knowöegde with us.

I'm thrilled to finally have started this project! If you want to stay up to date, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Best wishes, Lena