Everyone who follows me on social media might have noticed by now that I'm doing a cooking project. Its original intent was to motivate me finally getting our new vegan collections ready for publishing, and it worked like a charm!

I love cooking. One of my favorite parts of the day is being in the kitchen with my partner. We're both in the lucky position that work allows us to spend a lot of time together, plus we both have a flexible schedule - so we can usually cook and eat together.
What I especially love about the #penumbracookclub project is that it challenged me to do something different. I had to think about inspirations and what tastes and feelings I link to certain collars. Especially in times like these, with tough restrictions about going out and no playpartys whatsoever, it helps keep me grounded.
All that had been so much fun, and I want to share that with you!

So, I'd like to invite you to join the #penumbracookclub and let your creative side come out to play.
I'll give away one of our vegan "official penumbra cook club" bracelets for free for every participant (actually, cooking will be the only way to get one of those).

(By the way, everyone who joined #küchenbdsm can also get one retroactively. Just follow step 4 from the how-to list)

Some might think of me as a bit crazy by now; after all, I'm not a cook but run a BDSM business. Still, I believe this will be an enjoyable venture! Of course, I'm a little anxious as well. I know this project is a bit out there, especially for a fetish company. However, honestly, so am I - so what?  
By the end of this post, all that's left for me to do is keep my fingers crossed that there are enough crazy people who want to participate!

So, how does it work?

1.) You need inspiration! We're looking for something kinky; this still is (at least somehow) BDSM related 😜
There are two options:
First, you can use one of your own toys. What an excellent opportunity to have a peek at the toy drawer (and maybe re-discover some goodies that hadn't been used for far too long)!
Second, you can use one of penumbras products. I'd be honored if you did; it would be so much fun for me to see how we inspire you! Just have a look at our pictures, either on the webpage or our social media, and see if something gets your creativity going.
2.) when you've found your source of inspiration, you'll have to create a meal with it in mind. It can either be visually inspired, remind you of something, have a certain feel to it, bring back memories... Whatever works for you :)
3.) post a picture of your meal on whatever platform you want - just make sure to use the #penumbracookclub hashtag. Include your source of inspiration in some form - tell us how it plays into this meal. Add a picture if you want (or incorporate it in your food photo)! The more you want to share, the more exciting it will be!
4.) send me a message with you wrist circumference, the recipe, and your address (please also include the link to your post) so that I can send you your own #penumbracookclub bracelet :D
You can contact me by DM on our social media profiles or per email at office@penumbra.at

I'd love to collect all your fabulous recipes and make them available (for free, of course) in some way, like a BDSM community project cookbook. I think that would be a great way to complete this whole cooking project!

This project will run until the end of the year, and I really hope that we'll have a big collection of meals by then!  It would be most amazing to have recipes from all over the world, so let's find out how many people are crazy enough to join. 🥰