There she stands - the funny little woman from the deep south. The daughter of fire. The fire-haired goddess from Graz. We owe all of these titles to Michael from, and he is not entirely wrong. I wonder if I should have started with the words that Lena tried to put in my mouth: Breathtaking, beautiful, the best woman in the world, generous, enchanting, charming and stunning, she is standing there ... no. Michael's titles are far more appropriate! To quote the best band in the world at this point - how did it all start?

At first, I was annoyed by about a hundred small black beads on the floor that felt funny under bare feet and dangerous under shoes. These little black pearls also tended to penetrate further and further into our lives. At some point, I found them on the sofa and eventually in our bed. That went too far, even for me! Sometime later, I should find out that these come from the lace of the "Leather and lace" collection, and that they will always find their way from the workshop to our apartment in an unfathomable way. However, I have now learned to live with them. Maybe one day, I'll write a population genetic doctoral thesis on how they spread. I also learned not to find words like "Kövulfix" and "Frankenschaum" strange any more, and I have come to love Lena's work trousers with the large black spots on the buttocks and thighs - soaked in rinse water from leather cleaning. Sometimes I still struggle with the extraordinary bouquet gently embedded in her lengthy, fiery red hair after a whole day at the laser cutter. My very special thanks go to the manufacturers of hair care products.

At an early age, I came to terms with the fact that I would only come second in the life of a penumbra workaholic. Work comes first, and even if I usually like to face significant challenges - there are limits! A real penumbra workaholic takes work very seriously and thus develops his peculiarities. Over time you learn the real meaning behind statements like: "I'll only sew one more collar, then I'm done!" and respond appropriately. While, at the beginning, you would have naively waited until the so-called "completion" occurs, today you can sit back, relax and read the collected works of Tolkien - in German and English - in anticipation of the occurrence of this circumstance.

But living with a penumbra workaholic also has its advantages. Which man can claim that he can change the thread of an industrial sewing machine or is the proud owner of tailored jogging pants - because a penumbra workaholic doesn't even have to leave the workshop to pursue its hobbies! It follows creative activities in its natural habitat and usually lives on organic sewing thread and double tubular rivets.

It is also crucial to treat a penumbra workaholic appropriately. So it is necessary to regularly supply them with warm tea - regardless of the season. To make sure that the penumbra workaholic can easily find its tea in the chaos of the workshop, the use of oversized teacups in bright colors is recommended. Orders of magnitude around 750 ml have proven to be functional in practice. In times of increased workload, it is also advisable to feed the penumbra workaholic with chocolate every now and again to keep it happy.

I found that penumbra workaholics also have a strong social side. After 8 to 10 hours in the workshop, they still spend a lot of time in front of the computer, answering customer queries. They send hundreds of design drafts and have a stoic calm when translating others' ideas into actual workpieces. One of the cutest moments is when a penumbra workaholic receives messages from satisfied customers where they tell them how excited they are about a penumbra product. This causes the penumbra workaholic to make strange noises, which usually occur in combination with jumping movements. I was forbidden by a higher authority to make a corresponding video recording available to the general public. Presumably, that would be too much cuteness for the world anyway.

After the work is done, the penumbra workaholic tends to fall into some kind of charging mode. The penumbra workaholic usually only leaves this regenerative state after 6 to 8 hours. Efforts to end this state of affairs before time has run out have so far failed miserably. Neither light nor noise had any effect. When gently touched in this state, the penumbra workaholic tends to make purring noises, which can sometimes have a calming effect on other people in the vicinity. Efforts to use a penumbra workaholic part-time in sleep therapy have already been initiated.

In general, life with a penumbra workaholic is never dull. All you have to do is come to terms with a seemingly endless source of euphoria and positivism. In conclusion, penumbra workaholics are among the most lovable creatures of all.