One of the most frequent questions we get asked is: "How can I measure my partner discreetly so that they don't notice?" and this is precisely what this article is about. For a collar or cuffs to feel as comfortable as possible, they need to fit perfectly. It is necessary to know the neck, wrists, and ankles' exact circumference to do this. If you want to surprise your partner with handcrafted bondage articles or give them a present, it would most likely be inappropriate to rush towards them with a tailor's tape measure to take the correct measurements. Therefore, today we present 5 possibilities that have proven themselves practical to get the right dimensions without the partner noticing.

1. Work with what is already there

If your partner already has a suitable collar or cuffs, you can, of course, take the measurements from them. If these are not available, you can alternatively measure a watchband, a bracelet, or an ankle strap. You should pay close attention to how tight, for example, a watch strap is worn in everyday life. The watch strap can then be measured when it is open. If, for example, you measure a bracelet that you can't lay flat, you can use a thread or thin rope to lay out the inner circumference and then determine it with a ruler or measuring tape.

2. Use a D/s setting

If you have an existing D/s setting with your partner, this is a perfect opportunity to let your partner do all of the work. For example, you can instruct the partner to measure him or herself. To not make it immediately apparent that you need the measurements for a special surprise, we suggest that you let your partner collect as many measurements as possible. How about, for example, a complete survey? Weight, height, waist circumference, leg circumference ... up to the circumference of the neck, wrists, and ankles. I think you already know what we're getting at.

3. Use rope

We have good news for all of the rope enthusiasts among us. Most of the time, you already have a perfect measuring device in your hands. Why not use an extraordinary technique for the next bondage session in which the rope is placed around the points to be measured - quite by chance, of course. Now all you have to do is mark the rope section, and you have a basis that you can measure later.

4. Involve kinky friends

Another - very popular - option would be to involve another person. The pretext that this third person would like to surprise someone with a collar or cuffs and that their partner happens to be built very similarly to yours has proven itself very successful. The third person then measures your partner for you. For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that the person involved is usually rewarded with chocolate.

5. Use a session

For all creative minds, there is also the possibility of building the "measuring" into a session. The resulting options are only limited by your imagination (and physical and medical principles ^^). For example, one of our customers used sensory deprivation to confuse his partner's senses to the point that he could calmly work "unnoticed" with the tailor's tape measure. Another customer converted a thin chain into a collar that his partner had to wear and measured the length later.

Finally, it should be mentioned that we need to know how you took the measurements. For example, if you have measured an existing collar, please let us know because it makes a difference in production whether we work with dimensions measured directly on the skin or in some other way. We then take this into account accordingly to manufacture the products - made to measure :) - for you.

And now we wish you a lot of fun with the discreet measuring of your partner!